Creative cuisines of countries and continents, under a canopy of twinkling branches, clinking crystals, shimmering shells, inspired Mughal gardens will lead you high up to the stepped white terraces of Sunbeam in Goa in the enchanted forest of Assagao.

Jivi and Krishna have taken up the task of researching, experimenting, and conjuring the most amazing menus from the world, giving their trademark “turn of the screw” to come up with delicious, delightful and de-lovely tastes to entertain any adventurous palate, presenting you with a melting pot of flavours that will water your mouth and charm your senses.

With the purpose of incorporating fresh local ingredients in ways never imagined before, you will travel the continents wondering what mouth- watering morsels have arrived on your plate.

In the end, the philosophy is “let’s go eclectic”. The equation: food + three senses + fun = rapture.

Open you mind and join our magical culinary adventure. Welcome to Sunbeam!

Just call, sms or e mail to make a reservation 24 hours before.
Phone: +91(0)832 2268525,
Mobile: Jivi +91(0) 9822581514, Krishna + 91(0)9657956471.