Jivi extends his flare to the other things he does, in the same inimitable manner.
In the furniture he designs, which are usually one offs, he ensures they make dramatic accents or centre pieces, in their use.
His jewellery is as eccentric and eye catching as the pebbles, stones and shells he picks up on the beach and elsewhere. Embellished then, with gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones he transforms them into magical necklaces & rings, buckles & broaches, bracelets & buttons.
The styling he does for occasions like dinners, weddings and heritage festivals, has its own special unconventional identity that is extremely elegant something his clients are looking for in particular. There is no walking the straight and narrow with the wow factor that Jivi extends to these projects. His involvement with traditional textile and craft skills has a Jivi-esqueness about it, in style, form and design.
With his Just Jivi range of products, he tampers with fragrances and oils to concoct lotions and potions that invigorate and cleanse, revive and indulge the senses.
That's Just Jivi for you !
Just Jivi furniture, Subodh Gupta's Studio, Wallpaper Magazine, June 2011